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Graduate Students can join the CHAT Team!

CHAT is looking for Graduate Student Researchers...

We are ecstatic to announce that our quantitative data collection is complete, with anonymous clinical data collected from over 4,000 patients and survey data collected from over 1,300 study participants!


As we move into analysis, the CHAT Study team welcomes inquiries from graduate students looking to fulfill their practicum/capstone projects. Students can work with the study team to develop a research question related to telehealth for abortion and lead a peer-reviewed journal article exploring the issue. Potential topics may include (but are not limited to), self-managed abortion attempts among telehealth patients, adolescent experiences with telehealth, experience with ultrasound, and interest in contraception among telehealth patients.  Students will receive mentorship from other students, staff, post-docs, and faculty on the CHAT team as well as a $3,000 stipend for their involvement.


This opportunity is best suited for students interested in a career in social science research. If you are interested, please email for inquiry and include a cover letter and your resume. Your cover letter should address any prior publication or data analysis experience, as well as your project needs or requirements.

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