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California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ) is a statewide organization committed to honoring the experiences of Latinas/xs to uphold our dignity, our bodies, sexuality, and families. We build Latinas’/xs’ power and cultivate leadership through community education, policy advocacy, and community-informed research to achieve reproductive justice.


At CLRJ we recognize that Latinas’/xs’ reproductive health and rights cannot be viewed in isolation. So we do our work using the reproductive justice framework that emphasizes the intersection with other social, economic and community-based issues that promote the social justice and human rights of Latina/x women and girls and the Latinx community as a whole.


CLRJ joins the CHAT study team to ensure that Latinas/xs have access to culturally and linguistically appropriate educational materials and findings of the CHAT study, to increase community awareness of existing telehealth abortion care services. CLRJ, in collaboration with Comunidades Indígena en Liderazgo (CIELO), supports the language access component of the study, translating and communicating the CHAT study findings in a way that is accessible, as well as culturally and linguistically appropriate.

The UC Global Health Institute (UCGHI) is a UC-wide initiative that stimulates, nurtures, and promotes global health research, education, and collaboration to advance health in California and worldwide. 

UCGHI’s Center of Gender and Health Justice (CGHJ) envisions a world in which equitable gender norms lead to healthy and empowered women and people — including UC students. The Center promotes research, education and community engagement both globally and locally to reduce gender and health inequities.

UCGHI image of young people sitting on the floor in front of a colorful art mural. Text says "harnessing the power of UC to improve health worldwide."

The UCGHI Student Ambassador Program with the CGHJ will have the opportunity to engage with CHAT to conduct outreach to student programs and healthcare providers to share information about the project as well as information about the telehealth model for abortion care, highlighting existing services. Student Ambassadors will primarily be working on:

  • The development of creative materials: posters, informational graphics and/or videos

  • Building connections with potential patients at campus clinics/health centers or other primary care providers through direct communication and social media

  • Increasing awareness through education, including planning and hosting informational events, sessions, or lectures by students for students

CHAT Student Ambassadors

Summer 2023

  • Kelly Song (Student Leader)

  • Indira D'Souza

  • Ashley Lopez

Summer 2022

  • Eniola Owoyele (Student Leader)

         Community Outreach Committee

  • Arezoo Kalan

  • Eniola Owoyele

        ​ Education Committee

  • Cecelia Eldridge

  • Sara Moaddeli

         Blog Committee​

  • Kalani Phillips

  • Nayeli Benitez Santos

         Infographic Leader​

  • Emily Nguyen

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