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CHAT Study UCGHI Student Ambassador Spotlights

Updated: May 6, 2022

Learn about our wonderful UCGHI Student Ambassadors, their roles, and purpose for getting involved with the CHAT Study below!

Arezoo Kalan

Community Outreach


Arezoo Kalan is currently a student at UCLA. She joined the CHAT study because she believes this is important research. She thinks when viewing the current atmosphere of politics surrounding abortions, it is so important to recognize the hardship of receiving healthcare. Understand how the online service works and affects individuals is something she is truly interested in!

Cecilia Eldridge


UC Santa Barbara

Cecilia Eldridge is at the University of California, Santa Barbara pursuing a degree in biochemistry and a minor in feminist studies. She is pre-medicine and plans to attend medical school to become an OB/GYN. Her goal is to work as an OB/GYN in underserved communities to help women from all demographics and socioeconomic statuses receive adequate reproductive care. A part of this care includes abortions. She thinks learning about the new ways that women are able to receive this kind of care, like through tele-health appointments, would be very beneficial. She is currently a research assistant to Professor Laury Oaks in the Feminist Studies Department, where she is looking at mergers between Catholic and public hospitals. Because of this, Cecilia has some understanding about the different barriers women face when seeking abortions.

Emily Nguyen

CHAT Infographics & Factsheets

UC Irvine

Emily Nguyen is a student at UC Irvine. She joined the CHAT study to help educate and expand her own knowledge of women's health. In this day and time, she believes that it is crucial for women to have the option of accessible resources and that give further information for their healthcare.

Kalani Phillips


UC Irvine

Kalani Phillips is currently a PhD student at UC Irvine. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in Public Health Policy in 2016, with a minor in Film & Media studies. She then received her MPH degree in 2021, with an emphasis in Sociocultural Diversity & Health. Currently, she serves as the Chair of the UCI Student Center Board of Advisors and President of the UCI Public Health Alumni Chapter. She joined the CHAT study because abortion care is important to her. Abortions are a form of reproductive care and should be accessible to all. The events of the past few years have been immensely draining and disappointing, and she hopes to be able to contribute to original research that wants to make big changes in accessibility, healthcare, and reproductive rights. To provide abortion care using telehealth is incredibly interesting to her, and she is excited to be a part of our team.

Nayelie Benitez Santos


UC San Francisco

Nayelie Benitez Santos is currently a student at UC San Francisco. As a Latina, reproductive health never gets discussed in her culture - it gets viewed as taboo. However, as a public health practitioner who has a background in maternal-child and reproductive health, Nayelie knows this is a dangerous concept. But she believes it is her responsibility to educate individuals to make informed decisions without feeling like they are getting judged. She would also like to become knowledgeable on how to provide care to patients in the most humane and ethical way possible so that they feel supported. As part of our team, she hopes to provide her expertise on reproductive health and healthcare while also learning about providing abortion services using telehealth, which is still a work in progress in improving the patient experience.

Sara Moaddeli


UC San Diego

Sara Moaddeli is a 2nd year at UCSD majoring in Global Health. Some global health issues that Sara feels passionate about include women’s health, health equity, and refugee health. In her free time, she loves to play the piano, play basketball, and go to salsa social clubs. Sara joined the CHAT study because she wishes to help people get access to abortion. Especially during these times, women's rights to abortion have been hindered, and she hopes to help pregnant woman gain access and resources to abortion services, as it can be a very stressful process.

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